My Forbidden Love - The Appalachian Trail

by Bruce “Dudley” Watts

Why I'm Thru-Hiking the Appalachian Trail 2020

My tortured and forbidden love affair with the Appalachian trail began in the fall of 1986. At that time I was 27 and she was 49. 

Her gothic charms were hard to resist.  When I first layed eyes on her statuesque beauty, I was giddy and euphoric. I had never seen anything more wonderful,  nor had I ever felt more alive than during those brief moments stroking her footpaths on the New Hampshire White Mountains. I wanted more, I needed more. 

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My AT gear list was 35 years in the making.

AT Gear Choices

by Bruce “Dudley” Watts


My Appalachian Trail gear choices were 35 years in the making.

I have hiked more than 4000 kilometers over 4 decades, and my gear has changed massively as I learned and technology evolved. In the early 80's my pack base weight was around 20lbs... over the next decade it ballooned to a crippling 40lbs. Today it's generally sub 10lbs and my knees, heart, and soul love my "new" light and lean gear!  

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